Hario W60 Dripper
Hario W60 Dripper

Hario W60 Dripper


The next generation of the legendary V60 dripper that wakes up your inner explorer.

Collab project of Hario X 2013 WBC champion Pete Licata 

A next-generation dripper that continues the tradition of the V60's spiral ribbing. The resin mesh features a flat base that won't obstruct the flow of ground coffee in order to fully extract all the flavor of light-roasted coffee beans. Coffee can be brewed with a paper filter just like with the V60, or through only the resin mesh, which is perfect for savoring all the oils in your coffee. Use both the resin mesh and a paper filter for a crisp flavor unlike any other.

From another exciting collaboration project from Hario and WBC champions, they introduce a "W"60 dripper - the next generation of V60.

The dripper has a slightly larger and curved structure compared to the staple V60, the shape resembling that of teacup - the iconic spiral ribs are deeper and more spaced out, to achieve a different approach to the water flow and coffee contact time. 

The dripper comes with a mesh, flat-bottom filter attachment that allows 3 different brewing setups:

  1. Brew without the attachment, with the cone-shaped paper filter
  2. Brew with the attachment, without the paper filter set in the dripper
  3. Use both the attachment and a paper filter.

Method 1 results in a similar cup to that of V60, but a slightly clearer and round cup. Method 2 will give you an even extraction in a richer cup full of coffee goodness. Method 3 works as a double filtration and will result in an incredibly clean and well-extracted cup.


  • Size W160mm × D127mm × H109mm
  • Top Diameter: 116mm
  • Capacity: 1-4 cups
  • Material
    • Body: Porcelain
    • Frame: Polypropylene
    • Mesh: Polyester resin
  • Made in Japan
    Information taken from Hario and Kurasu sites.