Hario V60 Drip-assist
Hario V60 Drip-assist

Hario V60 Drip-assist


V60 dripper attachment that changes your homebrew quality to a pro-level

Collab project of Hario X 2013 WBC champion Pete Licata

Two holes of differing diameters enable steamed and non-steamed liquids to pour out separately. Even when not carefully poured, liquid drizzles out to ensure you can brew delicious coffee, even from the wide spout of a standard or electric kettle. Fits inside paper filters for use with any size 02 dripper.

A V60 attachment that assists your pouring to achieve an ideal drop-by-drop water distribution. This adorable little disk has 2 layers of ring, each with little holes to distribute the poured water evenly onto the coffee ground. The inner circle has a bigger hole, and the outer circle has smaller holes. If you don't own a gooseneck kettle, this is a very good and affordable investment- this disk will filter the gush of water coming from a regular kitchen kettle to a meticulous, drop-by-drop pouring.   

While this magical disk will assure you the very easy, very repeatable professional-level results simply by pouring hot water into it, by changing the combination of those circles by pouring into each ring separately or both at once, you can also play with many different variations.

The product comes with Mr. Licata's recipe, instruction, and message.

This is an attachment for V60 dripper. This item on its own cannot function as a coffee filter. V60 dripper and paper filter are needed.  


  • Size: W109 mm × D 109 mm × H 51 mm
  • Capacity: 1-4 cups
  • Material: PCT Resin (Heat resistant)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with Mr. Licata's recipe and instruction, message, and signature
  • Made in Japan
      Information taken from Hario and Kurasu sites.