OEM Smart Coffee Scale
OEM Smart Coffee Scale

OEM Smart Coffee Scale


These smart coffee scales feature single-row and dual-row displays. They have all the basic features you will need for a coffee scale: weight tare, timer (start, stop, reset), and unit options (g, ml, oz). The coffee scales are purely rechargeable in USB type-C. They include a detachable rubber mat and are equipped with a matte-finish body to protect from scratches.

The Basic has a single-row display with an auto mode and a manual mode. The auto mode has an auto (start, stop, reset) on time and an auto-tare on the weight for easier and assisted brewing. Recommended for espresso brewing; also applicable for pour-overs and other brewing methods.

The Pro features a dual-row display with 4 modes: automatic mode, fully-manual mode, espresso mode, and pour-over mode. The 4-section display includes the total brew time, total brew weight, brewing ratio, and coffee grounds weight. For all-around brewing but most recommended with pour-overs. 

Product Size 13cm x 15cm x 2.5cm
Power 1000mAh lithium batteries (USB type-C rechargeable)
Capacity 2000g
Other features Low-battery, overload indicator, matte-finish body